A compilation of essays by John Tracey

Index of essays (click on title to read) –

* Truth and Tradition. Why does the church act as an agent of colonisation?

* Is God a European?

* Jesus is an Aborigine

* “Oh Lord, oooh you are so big, so absolutely huge”; A critique of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and considerations of the nature of God.

* The historical context of the new testament

* How to read the bible

* Obedience to the state? An exploration of Romans 13

* Prayer; Moses was an atheist

* Jesus, the church and mission

*Christian anarchism and the religion of Caesar: Transcending the Roman religion and rediscovering the tribal indigenous Jesus

* Advent, Aboriginal land and the Uniting Church’s covenanting process

* Message to the president of the Uniting Church in Australia

* Antichrist: The Christian Church’s betrayal of Jesus

* “The Jihad of Jesus: The Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice” by Dave Andrews – a critical review from a Christian perspective

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