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“The Jihad of Jesus: The Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice” by Dave Andrews – a critical review from a Christian perspective

Jihad of Jesus website I cannot say I was disappointed by this book as I approached it with a prejudice that was well and truly fulfilled. I have for some time been critical of Dave and the Christian nonviolence movement’s … Continue reading

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Antichrist: The Christian Church’s betrayal of Jesus

This essay asserts that the Christian church has been an “antichrist” since the fourth century if we take our definition of that word from the tribal indigenous Hebrew bible and not the doctrines and mythology of the Gentile church itself.

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Message to the president of the Uniting Church in Australia

Following is a facebook comment (13/10/14) from me, John Tracey, to the president of the Uniting Church, Andrew Dutney, during the 2014 Qld Uniting Church Synod meeting. Aunty Jean Phillips, who is mentioned in the message, has asked that I … Continue reading

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An Advent sermon. Aboriginal land and the Uniting Church’s covenanting process.

An Advent sermon presented to the West End Uniting Church, December 15 2013. (The original sermon included a commentary on James 5:7:11 in accord with the church lectionary readings for the week but it is of only tangential relevance to … Continue reading

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Is God a European?

Text of a talk given to the West End Uniting Church Philosophy Group 17/10/13 Is God a European? In this talk I will argue that the notion of God that is held and promoted by the mainstream Christian church today … Continue reading

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“Oh Lord, oooh you are so big, so absolutely huge”; A critique of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and considerations of the nature of God.

The doctrine of the holy trinity is the defining point of modern Christianity. It is what unites the diverse christian denominations around the globe and is what divides Christianity from its geopolitical and historical relatives, Islam and Judaism. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Christian anarchism and the religion of Caesar: Transcending the Roman religion and rediscovering the tribal indigenous Jesus

Written for the Christian Anarchist workshop at the Brisbane Anarchist gathering Jan 2013 Christian anarchists believe that Jesus and the disciples were anarchists or strongly implied anarchism in their words and deeds as recorded in the new testament. Christian anarchists … Continue reading

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